Saelao Project


Swaying away in the red hammock above the rippling pond dotted with blossoming pink lotuses and swimming ducklings, I find myself absorbing in the serenity and beauty of simplicity. After spending two weeks away from the boisterous world of technology and reality on a farm in the heart of the Kathong Village, the SaeLao project has not only taught me the lifestyles of the rural Lao community but also gave me an insight of inner peace and contributed greatly to my love for the country.

Being estranged away from the rest of the world, I automatically became immersed into the scenery as I met the other volunteers and heard their fascinating life stories; trekked in the heavy jungle and rocky, mist-shrouded hills; taught a group of young monks English; made bamboo rafts and pots for plantings; harvested rice in the hot sun with friendly locals; swam in the blue lagoon; fed and socialized with the cats, cows, ducklings, pigs, and even the huge spiders; filled my stomach with delicious homemade Lao dishes; painted maps on the walls for the children; celebrated Buddha Day at the temple; slept in the creaky bungalow under the bright moon; and the list goes on.

Nevertheless, volunteering at the SaeLao farm was an unforgettable experience for me. With just a few days left in the country, I could not help it but to feel a sense of bitterness and remorse, knowing that I’ll be biding my farewells to the warm villagers, especially Sengkeo aka Bob and the SaeLao Family, the gorgeous landscapes, the colorful markets, and, of course, the ducklings and cats that simply will melt your heart!. On the other hand, I look forward to see the stories of Vietnam that soon will be filling up in the next chapter of Mallory and my journey.

Saelao Farm

View from the hammock

~ by aeolianrose on November 17, 2011.

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